And Away We Go…..

Welcome to Mr. Gee’s Blog. Jackie Gleason used to start his television shows with the above phrase, “And away we go….” I’m rambling; I better stop.

You might be wondering, “Why are you doing this blog?” This was my wife’s idea. As we were enduring the coronavirus lockdown, she pointed out all this knowledge, especially music, rattling around in my brain. She encouraged me to start this blog to share this knowledge with those who have the same passion. When we watch YouTube music videos and attend live musical performances, I, and sometimes my daughter, would point out certain nuances about these performances with my wife. Over the years, my wife has learned a lot about music through these nuances. She encouraged me to put these down in a blog.

The last time I did a blog was in the early 2000s, when Earthlink was our Internet provider. Earthlink would give you some space to keep a blog. In that blog, I would journal what my boys did in TBall and what the Lord was doing in my life at the time. Since we’ve switched Internet providers, I don’t have access to that blog.

I want to thank my wife for encouraging me to start this blog. I also want to thank my fellow Edison High friend and former down-the-street neighbor Steve Dundas for his encouragement and help in getting this blog started. Somewhere down the line, I’ll do a post on how God used Steve to get me on journey with Christ.

As you can see, I won’t be writing about just music. There will be other topics I’ll be writing about. The three topics you can’t get me to shut up about are music, professional wrestling, and Jesus. Don’t be surprised if you find posts about these topics and other topics that stir my heart.

Let me leave you with two of Jackie Gleason’s phrases: “How sweet it is!” “And away we go…”

2 thoughts on “And Away We Go…..

  1. I look forward to your writing of Jesus, Music, and that other thing… Professional Wrestling… That my be interesting to read about as well.

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  2. Can’t wait my friend. I forgot about your obsession with wrestling even though we were roommates for a time. You are a wonderful person and I will find you next time I am in California.

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